1 Baseplate kit - Snowman

UK Manic Crafters



Whatever you might think when you consider bringing a new craft hobby into the house, the potential mess it will leave in its wake should always be considered. That is one of the great things about Pixel Hobby: there is No glue, No water, No ironing required, even the pixels used to create this artwork arrive in tiles of 140 for each colour, this stops the hazard of small mosaic tiles floating around unsupervised.

This Kit comes with 1 base plate which forms the surface you will be creating your picture on, 1 set of instructions and 24 pixel squares in the 13 colours necessary to complete this work of art. 

The base plate will take 2000 pixels to complete.

To complete this project, you will need flat bladed tweezers which you can buy here along with a fun frame to display your finished piece.

All of our kits are CE tested and are suitable for ages 6 and up.