What is Rainbow Loom?

What is Rainbow Loom?

Originally Rainbow Loom was conceived as a way for children to weave rubber bands into bracelets to share with and show off to their friends. Now, this worldwide sensation has grown into an art form, with designers producing everything from elegant jewellery to tapestries, to giant model dragons.

There are many types of band to choose from with different properties and styles, from the Opaque rubber bands to the Silicone bands and the Alpha bands, which are specifically designed to work with your Alpha Loom.

Whether you want to re-imagine a popular designers work or try something new, with such a large array of options, let your creativity run wild.

On this page, we have compiled a selection of links to designers work to admire and inspire you to create your own designs. If you can recommend any other designers, please forward their details and we can add them to this page.


Artisan Loom


Will Scott


Adele Griffiths




Chadaros Bling






Craft Muse


DIY Mommy


Lachtäubchen Loom






AmandaandMonica Rloomy


Carolyn Hamlin


Claire's Wears



Jays Alvarez


Ben Mace


Sea Wolfe

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